Having helped pioneer this space as the first funding mechanisms for early entrepreneurs and de facto first users of this technology, military organizations know firsthand the potential of a robotic aerial asset.

The DroneCore System provides these military organizations futuristic capabilities delivering unprecedented value.

Use Cases

Autonomous Security Patrols
Secure your property efficiently and effectively creating a force multiplier and dramatic return on investment (ROI).
Autonomous Alarm Response
Real time video verification triggered by third party IOT sensors.
Counter UAS / Anti-Drone
Determine between standard camera or anomaly payloads for potential IED.
Convoy Protection ISR
Protecting our war fighters with an eye in the sky.
Autonomous IED Detection
Custom ground penetrating radar helps you stay safe in urban or rural environments.
Autonomous Last Mile Resupply
Transporting high value assets that are classified &/or vulnerable.
Autonomous Non Lethal Crowd Control
Stay in control and manage groups of people safely.
Autonomous Communication Tower
Stay online after natural disasters or in hard to reach areas.