Homeland Security

Drone activity around government locations and our nation’s borders present a unique and growing security threat to employees, facilities, and national security. Asylon has partnered with best in class technology partners to help safeguard our vital government facilities from this new and growing threat.

The DroneCore system provides our nation’s top security organizations futuristic capabilities delivering unprecedented value.

Use Cases

Autonomous Security Patrols
Secure your property efficiently and effectively creating a force multiplier and dramatic return on investment (ROI).
Autonomous Alarm Response
Real time video verification triggered by third party IOT sensors.
Counter UAS / Anti-Drone
Determine between standard camera or anomaly payloads for potential IED.
Thermal Inspections
Protect and extend the life of your assets by monitoring thermal readings.
Create accurate and updated renderings of your properties.
Asset Tracking
Know where all your high value assets are at all times.
Autonomous Communication Tower
Stay online after natural disasters or in hard to reach areas.
Autonomous Non Lethal Crowd Control
Stay in control and manage groups of people safely.
Military Counter UAS / Anti-Drone
The ability to detect, track, and mitigate illegal or nefarious drones.