DroneCore Military provides our warfighters the ability to launch a swarm of drones dedicated to protecting a moving convoy of ground vehicles, tactical foot personnel or a forward operating base (FOB). The DroneCore Military system is completely autonomous & can be deployed either in a fixed position or mobile configuration. The DroneCore Military solution consists of a team of DroneSentries & DroneHomes that are mounted with a variety of sensors & cameras to map a wide area of the terrain from approximately 50-500 ft. above the ground. The DroneSentries coordinate with each other to provide a complete 360° map-view surrounding the asset or assets. DroneSentries can be launched from a Humvee, ATV or other common types of vehicles used in the convoy.
Autonomous Intelligence

Autonomous Intelligence, Security, Reconnaissance, Target Location and Tracking.

Last Mile Resupply

Transporting high value assets that are classified or vulnerable.


Protecting team of military personnel that are on foot, & in forward positions.

Autonomous IED detection

Sweeping the path of a convoy, & terrain inspection in hostile environments.